70 years Alkaloid

70 years Alkaloid

Trajche Mukaetov2006 is the year when we celebrate 70 years of dedication to creation products that are a synonym for top quality. Seven decade of research, development and investments in our dream for healthier life of each individual.

7 decades dedicated to growth and development

Trajche Mukaetov
President of the Management Board

Alkaloid AD Skopje for already seven decades operates in manufacturing medications, processing of medicinal plants raw-material, manufacturing of cosmetics and chemical products. A jubilee that deserves respect, in Republic of Macedonia but also in the region. These 70 years behind us are a strong motive to underline all what we have achieved and to see where stand. Certainly these years are an obligation we are facing with the forthcoming challenges.

During the past decade the company realized and achieved a way further than the adopted business plans. Such ACHIEVEMENTS are result of the increased efficiency in the operating and the restructuring of the manufacturing processes and production programs. The period behind us was the spirit of INVESTING in new, highly sophisticated equipment in all the segments of our work. Undoubtedly, that will help us in improving the quality of our products - as one of our priorities. In the frames of the biggest investment cycle of our company, very intensive during the last two decades, we realized several highly important projects. Let me stress the new plants for solid dosage forms and for semi-synthetic cephalosporines - a project worth over 35.400.000 €. Part of this investment we covered by our own assets and a part with a convertible loan from the EBRD and the IFC, in amount of 17,4 million €.

The total value of the investments realized during the last two decades amounts over 60 million Euro. Only in the year 2005 some more than 6 million € were invested, mainly in the Pharmaceuticals Profit Center. Such investments certainly contribute to reducing the expenses and synchronizing all the segments of the operations, thus enabling us a higher level of competitiveness.

In the context of dedication to permanent development, an important parameter is the increased level of investments in the research and development activities, investments we believe are crucial for the prosperity we strive to.

Export oriented, stable market position, open to new markets and partnerships, top quality products, application of the latest technologies and highest business standards - are the key points of the development VISION of Alkaloid AD.

We defined its achievement in our MISSION as a constant strive to healthier world, superior quality of products and services but also professionalism and success in the business operations.

Our imperative is the protection of the interests of the employees, the consumers, the shareholders and our business partners, and our essential orientation - THE HEALTH above all.

The focus of Alkaloid for the forthcoming period is to globalize our name. Our goal is to secure consistency and improvement of the business performances by maintaining the leading position Alkaloid has in the Republic of Macedonia and to strengthen our positions on the export markets.

Our PROSPECTIVES are aiming to higher efficiency in the operations, increasing the profit of the holding, new markets and new partnerships.

Starting 2002, the company is quoted on the first official market of the Macedonian Stock Exchange. During 2005 and 2006, similarly to the previous period, the shares of Alkaloid are among the mostly traded with and the most liquid ones on the Stock Exchange. This we consider an indicator that confirms the real value and the positive prospective of the company.

Let me stress, once again, the openness of Alkaloid AD - Skopje for new partnerships in all the fields of its operations. All with the only goal to improve and increase the overall results of the company, to promote and to protect the interests of the employees, the clients, the shareholders and all other stakeholders.