Alkaloid Today

Alkaloid AD is a market oriented company which eight decades, has been operating in the field of manufacturing drugs, cosmetic and chemical products, as well as processing botanical raw materials. Our organizational structure corresponds to the needs of our customers, and therefore our joint stock company consists of two profit centers in the country: Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Cosmetics and Botanicals. Additionally, we have two subsidiaries in the country as well as 16 subsidiaries and 3 representative offices abroad (in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and the USA). Our company has around 1,450 employees in the country and around 350 employees in subsidiaries and representative offices abroad. Alkaloid shares are owned by 5,110 shareholders physical and legal entities, and around 8% of the total number of issued shares are held by foreign shareholders.

We manufacture high-quality products that touch the lives of people on daily basis, always bearing in mind that the HEALTH IS ABOVE ALL.

Aspirations and values

We are devoted to continuous growth; and therefore we have set a course of action to globalize our name. Our objective is to assure consistency and enhancement of the business performances by maintaining / reinforcing our positions in the current markets and reasonably expanding to new ones.

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Social Responsibility Policy of Alkaloid AD
Symbiosis for healthier life and future

We have existed doing our business successfully for more than 7 decades. Each year, in every segment we are fully committed to improving our operations, to developing and growing in an ambitious and sustainable manner. However, we never forget our people, the environment and the society where we belong.

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From the laboratories to the corporate functions, the support for all our employees is different, but nevertheless we equally cherish their unique talents. We appreciate diversity as it is the foundation for understanding our equally diverse clients. After all, health above all is a major societal concept that unites all of us.

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