The consistency in maintaining the top quality is the strongest guarantee, and the trust in the 1978 Becutan brand has been passed from generation to generation. It is our strongest foundation for a long-standing tradition. Containing at the beginning only 5 children's skin hygiene products, today the portfolio of Becutan consists of over 26 basic types of products with close to 50 different forms of packaging, the formulations of which are being prepared in close collaboration with medical experts. The name comes as a synergy of two words: BEBE + CUTIS (lat. surface layer of the skin).

With over 200 million items sold, "Becutan" is a synonym for tradition, constant quality, trust and loyalty. Becutan as an internationally built brand is present in more than 10 markets worldwide.

All products are clinically and dermatologically tested and developed in collaboration with pediatricians and dermatologists. They are made of premium raw materials of certified quality that comply with the European directives for a high-quality product for children's skin care. The production process is subject to a constant check of input materials and finished product, and is in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP), the highest in this industry. The bearing segment of the portfolio consists of products intended for care and protection of baby and baby skin with exceptionally mild formulations made according to unique recipes, safe for use since the first day of birth.

More than 200,000,000 products have been sold so far and there has been a steady increasing trend in sales. The leader in the collection is the children's cream with over 45,000,000 pieces sold.

What makes a brand truly strong depends on its perception by the public and Becutan brand is perceived in most of its markets as a home brand, indicating a strong relationship with the end buyer, which has certainly been built over decades.


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  • Becutan children’s shampoo 200ml, 400ml
  • Becutan children’s shampoo with camomile 200ml
  • Becutan shampoo with oat extract and D-panthenol 200ml
  • Becutan Foaming bath product with camomile 200 ml
  • Becutan foaming bath product 200ml, 400ml
  • Becutan bath foam for children with oat extract and D-panthenol 200ml
  • Becutan shampoo and bath foam 2 in 1, 200 ml, 400ml
  • Becutan baby bath oil 150ml
  • Becutan foaming hand and face soap for kids 250 ml
  • Becutan moisturising body milk 200ml, 400ml
  • Becutan oil for children skin care 200ml
  • Becutan children’s cream 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 150ml
  • Becutan children's vitamin balm 50ml, 100ml, 200ml
  • Becutan hydrating cream for children 200ml
  • Becutan baby almond cream 100ml
  • Becutan cod liver oil ointment
  • Becutan oil with lavender 200ml
  • Becutan protective children’s cream with zinc oxide 75ml
  • Becutan baby powder 100g
  • Becutan children soap 90g
  • Becutan children chamomile soap 90g
  • Becutan almond oil and oat extract soap 90g
  • Becutan lavender extract soap 90g
  • Becutan children’s toothpaste 50ml
  • Becutan wet wipes with camomile 20/1, 26/1, 72/1, 2x64/1
  • Becutan wet wipes for sensitive skin 45/1
  • Becutan wet toilet wipes from biodegradable paper 48/1
  • Becutan baby diapers
  • Becutan baby changing pads 10/1
  • Becutan children’s suntan collection
  • Becutan insect repellent 100 ml
  • Becutan skin cooling gel 50 ml
  • Becutan instant teas for infants and small children
  • Becutan filter teas for children
  • Becutan powder sachets for preparation of electrolyte solution for infants, children and adults
  • Becutan eau de toilette for kids 50ml
  • Becutan washing liquid and conditioner 1l
  • Becutan baby cotton buds