Domestic duplex filter packaging


We decided to call them “domestic” teas because they deserve to be an everyday item in every single home, an integral part of the daily diet. All the products from this group are packed in filter packages, practical for easy preparation. A variety of herbs for the satisfaction of all tastes, even the most particular ones: Camomile, wild thyme, mountain tea, hibiscus and many other herbs. The herbs that we use to produce the teas are of strictly chosen, controlled high quality and rich with a variety of biologically active components. The content of the teas is 100% herbs, chopped and ground, packed in filter bags. The domestic teas GOOD NATURE have no additives and are an opportunity for you to enjoy a natural, truly refreshing drink!

We recommend that you follow the preparation instructions on the tea packaging.

Our recommendation is to always enjoy freshly prepared tea for a full GOOD NATURE experience!