MySAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information system branded as AlkaSAP is an integrated system for complete management of Alkaloid data system for processing and monitoring of all information necessary for constant and efficient functioning of business processes. The system implementation successfully and constantly functions and generally includes 7 modules:

  • FI - Finance and Bookkeeping
  • CO – Business Planning and Controlling
  • MM/WM - Material Management / Warehouse Management
  • SD - Sales & Distribution
  • PP - Production Planning
  • QM - Quality Management
  • HR - Human Resources, implemented January-July 2014

In addition to the main modules, other segments of company’s performance have also been included, such as MRP (Material Requirement Planning), LC (Legal Consolidation), etc.

Over 240 users with various authorizations and field of work have been actively involved in the daily functioning of the System. In addition to the level of module, the user support also ranges to System support, Program support and Validation process.

In compliance with the long-term strategic plan for development of own information resources (including AlkaSAP), several projects and systems can be singled out:

  • RollOut Project – implementation of AlkaSAP ERP solution in two of Alkaloid subsidiaries
  • ROIT (Reconstruction of Object IT) – new object, i.e. center for Information technology
  • Specialized premises/classroom for computer training of 20 candidates
  • Alkaloid Rusija (Alkaloid Russia) - reorganization and upgrade of the computer infrastructure in Alkaloid Russia
  • BC/DR solution - for continued functioning in case of potential disaster
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – system of planning and management of partner relationship
  • CRM upgrade with new modules for field work with tablet computers in Alkaloid AD
  • DMS (Document Management System) – completely integrated solution for document management

Projects the realization of which is ongoing (or planned) in 2014 and 2015:

  • HR Human Resources Management, January 2014 – July 2014 (completed)
  • DMSeExpert (upgrade with five new modules) project, beginning in January 2014 – August 2015 (ongoing)
  • CRM new modules for field work with tablet computers in selected subsidiaries, Q4 2014 (planned)
  • RollOut project – implementation of AlkaSAP in Alkaloid Serbia, March – July 2015 (planned)