Aspirations and values
Aspirations and values

We are devoted to continuous growth; and therefore we have set a course of action to globalize our name. Our objective is to assure consistency and enhancement of the business performances by maintaining / reinforcing our positions in the current markets and reasonably expanding to new ones.

There are moments when the healthy human body triggers
the most sincere thrill. We, in Alkaloid, permanently strive to protect and
preserve this precious gift of the nature. We create with tireless passion products that are a synonym of top quality. We keep investing in our dream of healthier life of each individual as we believe that

Our vision is to develop as an export oriented pharmaceutical company with a stable market position, open to new markets and new partnerships, a company which manufactures and sells generic drugs of the highest quality by implementing the state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and business standards.


We can accomplish our vision only through a continual pursuit for a healthier world, the superior quality of our products and services, but also with the professionalism and success of the business operations.


Our imperative is to protect the interests of our employees, our customers, shareholders and business partners, and our principal commitment is – THE HEALTH ABOVE ALL.