Who we are ...
Alkaloid’s story started over 80 years ago, as, from many aspects, one of the most successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia, and an integral part of the mosaic of the entire economic map of the country.

Alkaloid A.D. is a leading pharmaceutical company in the Republic of Macedonia and one of the leading ones in the region, with an ambition to develop further. The company, aside for pharmacy, successfully runs its other profit centres – botanicals, cosmetics, chemistry and haemodialysis solutions.  

The company is present on the markets of 27 countries.

The Profit Centre – Chemistry, Cosmetics and Botanicals Units, with a rich product line for public consumption, is one of the integral parts of Alkaloid A.D. The focus of the Profit Centre is directed towards high quality products, establishing good relations with the consumers and the suppliers, promotion and selling on the existing markets and conquering new ones.  

The Botanicals section produces a range of teas branded as GOOD NATURE, healthy food under the brand GOOD NATURE ENERGY, as well as spices and dried vegetables – GRINI, food supplements – Zachinal, iodized salt and other products. 

What our activities are ...

Processing of herbal material
Roots, leaves, fruits, seeds ... The processing possibilities allow the production of a wide range of herbal material in a carefully controlled environment.

Development of new products
The special ability of every tea producer is in the art of discovering tastes, selecting one or more herbs and creating harmonic blends, while at the same time maintaining the uniqueness of each individual herb. The rigorous tasting that we do is rewarded with the consumers’ approval of our products.

Using the most contemporary tea packing technology with C24– machines, we provide high-quality products. The teas are available in filter bags with double compartments and no aluminium wire.

Our certificates:
ISO 9001:2015;  
ISO 14001:2015;
ISO 45001:2018;
FSSC 22000 (ver 5.1)/ISO 22000:2018;
Kosher (where applicable);
ORGANIC EU 2092/91;  
Organic MK (according to the Law for organic production of Republic of North Macedonia);
GFCO (where applicable)


Quality control
We achieve the quality of all herbal ingredients and final products by carrying out controls in our well-equipped laboratory. Our most important goal is to provide high-quality products. All products are controlled, starting from the development phase, the acceptance of all ingredients and other material, until the release of the final products on the public consumption markets.