Career in Alkaloid


Application Tips

Get informed on what we are looking for in our potential employees by reviewing our application preparation page.
Any successful application begins with a complete understanding of your professional goals, combined with knowledge of our company and the industry we operate in.

You could apply to Alkaloid in two ways:

1. Through the Career Application, on the following link:

It offers you the opportunity to apply online in a slightly different manner. Namely, by creating your own personal profile, which allows you to update it continually, you could inform us, in a timely fashion, on all changes in your professional development, career changes or changes in your educational status. In turn, we would be happy to update you regularly on all vacancies in the area and the fields you are interested in.

2. By email, as an additional opportunity, in this case on: Your application should contain the following documents:

  • A motivation letter;
  • A CV (professional biography);
  • Other relevant documents (degrees, certificates, references, etc.), which might improve your application.
In Case You Are Invited to an Interview

Prepare before the interview and be aware of your worth.

  • Revise your history and your work experience or, to be more precise, have a complete grasp of your CV so that you could discuss it in detail.
  • Think about what has motivated you to apply for a position in our company. Consider your personal aspirations, the financial aspects, or the type of organizational culture and work that appeal to you.
  • Be aware of your future professional goals since we take on responsibilities that last longer than a single day.
  • Bring along several copies of your CV.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Arrive on time.

During the interview:

  • Exchange information honestly and attempt to learn whether there is a common interest or a true match./li>
  • Ask about the everyday work responsibilities.
  • Find out about the corporate structure, reporting, management styles, etc.
  • Learn about the promotion opportunities on offer.
  • Make sure you have your interviewer’s contact information.