The extensive experience and the 70-year tradition are the base for the quality of the product lines offered by Alkaloid’s Cosmetics Unit, starting with the hair care products, children's skincare, soaps, hair care products, dental care products, men’s perfume collection, women’s perfume collection, as well as household cleaners.

The world is changing fast, therefore new ideas, based on principles of value, quality and innovation are needed. The success of Alkaloid's Cosmetics Unit is not due only to its innovative products, but to its motivated and expert managerial team.
The managerial team of Alkaloid’s Cosmetics Unit continuously collaborates with international institutions and experts towards developing new products.
The extraordinary formulas used in our cosmetic products satisfy even our consumer’s highest expectations. We use the most contemporary trends in cosmetics technology and guarantee top quality for our products.

The ingredients that are used in the products are purchased from suppliers that satisfy our high-quality standards and are in accordance with the requirements of the European directive for quality cosmetic products. The manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with the highest standards in the industry GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

The products line is well-known and sold in Macedonia, as well as in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania.
We are on the market due to our original quality, high-expertise and technology.

Your satisfaction is our success.