Data on shares

Data on shares


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The shares of Alkaloid AD Skopje have been listed on the Macedonian Stock Exchange, since 2002.

Market segment: Exchange Listing - ordinary shares
Symbol ALK

The total authorized and issued number of ordinary shares is 1,431,353 with a par value of EUR 25.56 per share.

99.77% (1,428,125) of the shares are ordinary shares of which 59 are reserved for former proprietors, while 0.23% (3,228) are preference shares also reserved for former proprietors and proprietors who need to prove their ownership right for estate now belonging to ALKALOID AD Skopje.

Legal entities and private individuals / Ordinary shares 1,428,125 99.77%
Former proprietors / Preference shares 3,228 0.23%

Ordinary shares are shares providing for the holders right to:
1. Vote at the Shareholders Meeting of the Company
2. Payout of a part of the profit (dividend)
3. Payout of a part of the rest of the liquidation or bankruptcy estate of the Company

Dividend history
Paid net dividend per share
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
136.00 150.00 160.00 165.00 180.00 189.00 207.00 225.00 243.00 272.00 324.00
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