Environment protection


Alkaloid AD, as a socially responsible company, regards the environmental protection as a long-lasting and continuous commitment. The environmental protection and management systems have been a part of the Integrated Quality Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and the Good Manufacturing Practice.

In accordance with the best available techniques, and economic opportunities and regulations–issued under the authority of the Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning–we constantly strive to reduce pollutant emissions in the environment, keeping up with the principle of sustainable development in the A-licenses for conformity with operational plans for the production sites PC Pharmaceuticals - Avtokomanda, PC Pharmaceuticals and PC HKB - program Chemistry - Gjorche Petrov.

In order to improve the treatment of wastewater, there are ongoing activities for the construction of a purification plant of the Quality Control Unit. These activities are performed in order to meet and maintained the parameters for release of wastewater in the outdoor sewer system.

Selection of waste produced and its efficient utilization, such as reuse or recycling is of particular importance for the protection of the environment and brings the company material benefit. Special attention is paid to proper handling of hazardous waste that is handed over to licensed companies for further processing (incineration, dismantling abroad).

We pay particular attention to saving energy by implementing energy efficient projects. According to the criteria, for the loan taken from the EBRD and WeBSEFF II Program (Western Balkan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility), projects must result in a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions and at least 30% reduction of energy consumption. Alkaloid AD was awarded, as the best project in the region, in the category: Energy efficiency refurbishment of business buildings, for the project Thermal Insulation of Pharmaceutical Production Facilities.

The next project financed from the WeBSEFF II Program, consists of window, door and glass surface replacement in order to meet conductivity standards in the Alkaloid AD Headquarter building located in Skopje. The total investment in the building renovation was EUR 160.000 without VAT.

In 2016, ALKALOID AD finished a major investment project – building a new Quality Control Unit, PC Pharmaceuticals, located at Avtokomanda. Part of this investment, regarding energy consumption, was realized with the loan of EUR 500.000 from the WeBSEFF II Program. ALKALOID’s commitment to environment protection, expressed continually in projects for energy efficiency, resulted with the National Award for Social Responsibility Practice.
Generally, the consumption of energy and water per ton finished product have been reduced and consumption of electricity has been optimized.