Skin care products

Skin care products



“Becutan” is a brand that has successfully existed on the international market for over 40 years. Continuously, for all this time, the “Becutan” collection has been, and still is, a sales hit among the variety of products of the Profit Centre - the Chemistry, Cosmetics and Botanicals Units.

Young Derm

Oily skin is susceptible to creation of zits and acnes. The process of their creation begins inside the skin pores. Sebaceous glands produce a substance called sebum which is retained on the skin surface. Most frequently the sebum penetrates through pores going to the skin surface.



Synergizing with science, vitamin C Sattwa cream and fruit acid Sattwa cream stimulate cell mechanisms throughout day and night, regaining youth and freshness to your skin.



The skin reveals how well you treat yourself. Every skin is unique, say dermatologists. “Asso” products are suitable for regular skincare of dry and sensitive skin. The optimal glycerine content prevents the skin from drying.

Black Up


The “BLACK UP” product collection provides sun protection and nurtures the skin. The combination of UVA and UVB filters prevents burns and wrinkles and premature skin aging, while the moisturising components and D-panthenol help give the skin a beautiful bronze tan and preserve its softness and elasticity.