Mar 16, 2024

"1st Cefixime Global Meeting" in Istanbul, supported by Alkaloid

Alkaloid remains dedicated to actively supporting professional and scientific endeavors pivotal for the advancement of pharmacy and medicine, both domestically and internationally. This year, Alkaloid is hosting the "1st Cefixime Global Meeting", scheduled to take place from March 14th to 16th in Istanbul, Turkey.

Representatives from Alkaloid and its international subsidiaries, along with numerous healthcare experts from 12 countries, are participating in this notable event.

This pioneering conference aims to enhance daily practices in the rational utilization of antibiotics, thereby improving the quality of patient care worldwide.   


In his introductory address and presentation, Zhivko Mukaetov, the CEO/MB President of Alkaloid, underscored the corporate achievements of the company, emphasizing the importance of such events in fostering and enhancing global scientific discourse.

"Aside from being the most commonly prescribed oral third-generation cephalosporin, Alkaloid's Cefixime is ranked second as per production volume in Europe. As flagship product in Alkaloid's Pharmaceuticals segment, Cefixime has been a staple in clinical practice since 1995, available in over 20 countries worldwide", noted Mukaetov, emphasizing that the company is preparing to soon expand the production capacity for this strategically important product.

More than 200 participants, including distinguished figures from the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, are involved in the extensive scientific agenda of the "1st Cefixime Global Meeting" - supported by Alkaloid.

Dr. Snezhana Petrovska, Head of Global Medical and Safety Department at Alkaloid, commenced the thematic segment of the conference with a presentation outlining the evolutionary journey of Alkaloid's Cefixime over the years. During the panel session addressing experiences within the Macedonian context, Professor Dr. Dejan Dokikj served as moderator, while Dr. Aleksandar Sajkovski and Professor Dr. Sotir Stavridis spoke.

The global pharmacy and medical experts attending the event firmly believe that the longstanding and successful professional and scientific collaboration with the company, often spanning decades, is primarily due to the quality of its products, as well as the company's recognition and appreciation of the human element, encompassing all stakeholders within its operational structure.

As a company committed to fostering continuous education and facilitating the exchange of experiences within the professional community, we are confident that the "1st Cefixime Global Meeting" supported by Alkaloid, will significantly contribute to promoting the rational use of antibiotics and combating the increasing trend of antimicrobial resistance worldwide.