The Code of Ethical and Business Conduct of Alkaloid is a declaration of our commitment to respecting ethics and compliance with laws and corporate policies and acts, as well as to the management of all our business operations. The key values and ethical standards contained in the Code establish the framework in which we operate corporately. Our management structures strongly support the corporate compliance system of Alkaloid, and we expect the same commitment from our employees, business partners and external associates.

The corporate compliance of Alkaloid is an integrated system of policies, acts, functions, processes, control mechanisms and tools used in Alkaloid to ensure compliance with ethical standards and principles, legal regulations and internal acts, and prevention i.e. reduction of the risk of breaches of the Code and thus preservation and nurture of our corporate integrity.


We encourage you, whether you work for Alkaloid or not, to report misconduct, possible breach of the Alkaloid Code of Ethical and Business Conduct, breach of Alkaloid's policies and procedures, and any suspicion of non-compliance. If you are part of Alkaloid, consider talking to your line manager, second line management where applicable, and the corporate compliance officer. If you cannot or do not feel comfortable discussing the issue internally within the company, you can report it here. When reporting, provide as much detail as possible. While there is an option to maintain anonymity, we encourage you to identify yourself and get involved in the process, i.e. to support Alkaloid's investigation regarding your report.


In performing its business operations, Alkaloid uses the highest ethical norms and standards. Code of Conduct is a key element in building an ethical corporate culture and guarantees sustainable growth and development of the company.