Alkaloid AD CHEMISTRY is part of the PC Chemistry, Cosmetics and Botanicals. It was established in 1957 by a group of university professors from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje and a group of business people from the country. The factory operates within the Profit Centre Chemistry, Cosmetics and Botanicals. It is situated in Skopje, with reactor units of different operating volumes, accompanying machinery, infrastructure, and its own comprehensive development strategy. It has been granted the ISO 9001 certificate, issued by QA, ISO 14001 issued by QA, ISO 13485 issued by QA, ISO 45001 certificate, issued by QA and CE certificate for medical devices issued by DEKRA Certification B.V .

Nowadays CHEMISTRY has a developed product portfolio which includes pure chemicals and reagents of organic and inorganic origin with pa, reagent grade, purum and pharmacopoeia quality, intended for laboratory, industry and consumer use, products used for agriculture production, medical devices, cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The portfolio is flexible, in addition to the listed products, new combinations of products may be developed relatively fast, since the development of Chemistry is committed to maintaining flexibility and compatibility of the product portfolio with the market demands and to meeting the quality specifications, deadlines and the listed prices. The development of new products, which is the responsibility of Research and Development, Regulatory affairs Department is fully supported by the Quality Control Department, which is focused on continuous improvement through investment in cutting-edge equipment, education and specialization of its staff.




Nikola Mizo

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Ljube Danilovski

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+ 389 2 310 40 19

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PRODUCTION CHEMISTRY & R&D CHEMSITRY (Chemicals and Medical Devices)

Filip Godjo

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+ 389 2 203 79 53

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