Alkaloid uses the highest ethical norms and standards in conducting its business operations.

We are convinced that ethical business conduct is a prerequisite for continued personal and business success.

We accept the different views of people with respect and dignity. For us, integrity is the foundation of good leadership.

One of the key elements for a successful business are active and fully involved and engaged employees.

We are talking about responsible leadership, which is a mixture of employee commitment, determination and understanding.


We have existed and successfully conducted our business for over eight and a half decades.

Every year we are more and more committed in every segment to improve our operations, and to develop and to grow in an ambitious and sustainable manner. However, we never forget our people, our environment and the society we belong to.

As an extension to our core values such as care, integrity, initiative, and superior quality of our products, and as the largest pharmaceutical company in the region, we aim to remain a socially responsible and ethical company.

To maintain our values, we focus our efforts on 4 key areas:

• our customers and clients

• our employees

• our community

• our shareholders

Be a part of the Alkaloid Team

Our job postings include detailed job descriptions and requirements for each job. When you find a vacancy that suits your interests, education and qualifications, we encourage you to apply directly to the position by clicking the Apply button.