Dec 30, 2020


Reflecting upon all the crises the company went through interim its 84 years of existence, this one seems to be the most intimidating one. Isolation amidst civilization, fear from the unknown, struggle to preserve the utmost gift: our health and the health of our dearest ones.

Just as all the people and businesses around the world, Covid-19 pandemics completely transformed our company overall operations on all levels. While struggling to overcome logistic challenges and impediments, our top priority was (and still is) to maintain intact production processes and protect our most valuable asset, the human resources.

In a situation when all world economies are striving to mitigate the effects of a new economic crisis, few are the companies which are able to overcome these challenges and help their economies in such hard times. Acknowledging the adversities of the past year, Alkaloid intensified its corporate social responsibility activities. The company along with its subsidiaries abroad, as well as the Foundation Trajche Mukaetov in the course of 2020 donated an amount of approximately EUR 1.2 millions. Out of these, EUR 1.075.000 were donated to Macedonian entities and EUR 125.000 abroad. In the list of recipients of the donated funds, there are healthcare institutions, numerous organizations, associations and individuals.


Despite all objective and subjective challenges, the company managed to generate positive financial results in its operations employing extraordinary efforts and precautions in its everyday operations. We achieved total consolidated sales of MKD 12.132.328.349, which represents a growth of 9% compared to 2019. Our consolidated net profit amounted to MKD 1.167.484.742, growing 15%. Sales amounting to 35% were effectuated in the domestic market, whereas 65% were export sales, out of which 33% intended for the SEE markets, 20% for the Western European markets, 10% for Russia and CIS and 2% were for the remaining markets.

87% of the total placements were effectuated by the pharmaceuticals segment, 8% in the Cosmetics, 3% in Botanicals and 2% belonged to the Chemicals segment.


According to the records of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, the shares of Alkaloid in the course of 2020 were once again amongst the most traded and the most liquid ones. Alkaloid AD Skopje, as one of the leading companies on the Macedonian Stock Exchange, in the regular stock exchange operations participated with traded MKD 1.132.853.535, which is 18.68% of the total turnover recorded on the first official market of the Stock Exchange in 2020. The share price of Alkaloid AD Skopje ranged from MKD 8,354 to MKD 13,499, with an average of MKD 12,174.86, which represents a growth of 28.05% of the average price of the share compared to 2019.

In 2020, the Macedonian Stock Exchange marked its 25 years jubilee, which was of exceptional importance for Alkaloid too, as the company’s shares are on the Macedonian capital market since the first day of its establishment. In the course of its 25 years of existence, this institution ensured efficient, transparent and safe functioning of the stock exchange operations in our state, including the shareholders’ capital of Alkaloid and the trend of transparency in the communications, duly observing the quotation criteria, remained firmly installed in our cooperation practices. Alkaloid is especially proud to hold a place among the top traded companies of the Macedonian Stock Exchange and we are especially honored to be among the ten blue chip companies of this institution.


In line with the company policy for continuous investments, we remained firmly on the track during 2020 too. Investments in production facilities, research and development, new technologies, know how, qualified personnel and entry into new markets will remain high on our agenda. Some of the major investment projects during the year included construction and equipping of new production facilities for Becutan wet wipes at the production site in municipality of Gjorche Petrov;completion of the project for gasification of this production locality; purchase and installment of a new, third in a row production line for our herbal teas; purchase and installment of a new line for packaging of pharmaceutical products at our production site in Belgrade, Serbia and successful completion of the conversion of our SAP ERP 6.0 system into SAP 4/HANA.


The global economy is still counting the effects of the Covid-19 impact and the forecasts for 2021 are in the shade of the immunity to the virus and the expected effects of the vaccination.

In these critical circumstances we all should have the courage and virtue to persevere, demonstrate teamwork, discipline, solidarity, commitment and high level of empathy. The forthcoming year of our 85th jubilee will be full of uncertainties and challenges, but even in circumstances like these, we must fulfill the market demands and expectations, and as always, we must deliver superior quality of our products and services!