Dec 14, 2022

A second blood donation campaign this year for “Alkaloid”

Under the motto "Donate blood, save life", a new blood donation campaign was held in the Alkaloid Education and Training Center, in cooperation with the Red Cross and the Institute of Transfusion Medicine, for the company's employees. In order to continue the five-decade tradition of organizing blood donation campaigns, 150 registered Alkaloid people expressed their willingness to donate blood. 

Among the employees who donate blood today, there are real record holders, with more than 30 donations, but there are also numerous employees from the younger generation who are donating blood for the first time, and a special gratitude is extended to them.

Blood donation campaigns, as part of Alkaloid's series of corporate socially responsible activities, are of great importance precisely because of the act of humanity and human solidarity. With the campaign carried out in June in honor of Blood Donor Day and with today’s campaign, a total of 290 units of blood were donated in the company. One blood donation can save 3 to 4 human lives.

The affirmation of voluntary blood donation and the expression of gratitude to the large number of alkaloid blood donors are one of the main goals of the Society of Blood Donors, which has been actively operating within the company for more than 50 years.

Any person in good general health, aged 18-65, can be a blood donor. According to the blood donation criteria, men can donate blood every 3 months and women every 4 months.