Mar 27, 2020

Address of the CEO/MB President to the employees of Alkaloid AD Skopje 2020

Dear colleagues,

Reflecting upon all the crises the company went through interim its nearly 84 years of existence, this one seems to be the most intimidating one. Isolation amidst civilization, fear from the unknown, struggle to preserve the utmost gift: our health and the health of our dearest ones.

In the course of the past three weeks, the company has been functioning under extremely turbulent conditions. At the moment we are struggling to provide raw materials and packagings, deliver products which are not our core business, but are nevertheless essential; we are faced with huge logistics challenges with borders closed literally all over the world; we make daily decisions of utmost importance for the company, but always focusing our top priority: the human health.

All these occurs when more than 200 of our employees, belonging to high risk group of citizens, are absent from work. On this occasion, I would like to extend my special gratitude to the colleagues from the administration segments who took over the vacant positions in the production facilities thus demonstrating their solidarity. Their help is highly appreciated at this moment. I would also like to thank all the employees of Alkaloid for their commitment and extraordinary efforts we are all investing in order to ensure normal functioning of all operations.

In a situation when all world economies are left on their own, striving to mitigate the effects of a new economic crisis, when redundancy and loss of jobs is an indispensable part of this cruel reality, when logistics barriers win the battle over product placements, few are the companies which are able to overcome these challenges and help their economies in such hard times. At this moment, with all our resources, we are aiding as much as we can the Macedonian healthcare system and the Macedonian economy. I honestly hope and sincerely believe that Alkaloid will remain to be perceived as reliable partner which instills hope and safety to all those who are affected by this phenomenon.

In these critical circumstances we all should have the courage and virtue to persevere, demonstrate teamwork, discipline, solidarity, commitment and high level of empathy. Even in circumstances like these, we must fulfill the market demands and expectations, and as always, we must deliver superior quality of our products and services!

Although the atmosphere of our daily functioning is completely unusual, there is a saying that the sun shines brighter after the rain! As any turbulence, this one will pass one day and Alkaloid will continue to be the shining star. I believe, it will shine even brighter!

Take care of yourselves, follow the recommendations of the health authorities and remain in good health, because HEALTH IS ABOVE ALL!


Yours sincerely,

Alkaloid AD Skopje
Zhivko Mukaetov
CEO/MB President