Nov 27, 2023

Alkaloid AD Skopje and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje Collaborate on Several Humanitarian Activities

The company's commitment and the eagerness of all employees to assist those in need affirm Alkaloid's role as a socially responsible organization. Recently, the company has undertaken numerous humanitarian projects in collaboration with the Red Cross of the City of Skopje, the social enterprise Kopche, and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine.

The company's employees, serving as the primary ambassadors of altruism, selflessly made their contributions again by actively participating in all humanitarian endeavours initiated by Alkaloid, thereby consistently embodying the company's culture and dedication.

In the spirit of solidarity, the donation initiatives yielded commendable results, of which the employees take particular pride. Notably, they donated nearly 1 tonne of gently used clothes they no longer need. Additionally, almost 1 tonne of food for assembling food packages was gathered. These donations are intended to aid vulnerable groups and socially disadvantaged families in order to help alleviate the daily hardships they face.

We are particularly pleased that we continued our ongoing collaboration with the Red Cross for blood donation actions, resulting in the collection of 340 units of blood during the two actions carried out this year. This amount speaks volumes about the employees' significant motivation and underscores both individual and collective social responsibility manifested through the noble act of blood donation.

Establishing itself as a community partner committed to instigating significant changes and creating a positive impact, Alkaloid consistently upholds its commitments for socially responsible conduct. Through specific projects and positive examples, the company will continue to provide active support for collaborative endeavours that foster compassion and solidarity, as well as cultivate collective awareness and responsibility towards the community.