Jun 17, 2024

Alkaloid and the Red Cross continue their collaborative humanitarian efforts: Together, we can accomplish more!

The overwhelming response of Alkaloid employees to calls for humanity within social structures serves as the strongest testament to the company's nine decades-long commitment to humanitarian ideals. Their dedication and willingness to collectively aid and swiftly respond to humanitarian needs within the community have catalyzed numerous impactful projects and initiatives. These initiatives, undertaken as a symbol of solidarity, were realized under the patronage of Alkaloid and the Red Cross.

This year, Alkaloid AD Skopje partnered again with the Red Cross of RNM – the Red Cross of the City of Skopje, the social enterprise Kopche, and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine to conduct several humanitarian initiatives, including clothing and food donation drives, as well as organizing a large-scale blood donation campaign.

The clothing donation drive yielded nearly 2 tons of gently used garments, while the food donation initiative collected nearly 1 ton of non-perishable food items to aid citizens facing social challenges. Continuing its longstanding tradition, Alkaloid organized a major blood donation campaign themed "Donate Blood, Save a Life", with over 240 Alkaloid employees participating voluntarily to donate blood.

Over the years, Alkaloid has collaborated with the Red Cross of RNM and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje on numerous projects related to social and humanitarian endeavors, health and preventive activities, and blood donation campaigns. Beyond regular donation drives and blood donation campaigns, Alkaloid supported the renovation and rebranding of the Blood Donation Day Center in 2013 and continues to support its ongoing operations. The company also supported the Hospital Guide project launched in 2019 and consistently supports the Red Cross's appeals to alleviate the impacts of natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, mining accidents, and other tragedies of a similar nature in the country and the region. The company also extends significant assistance to other critical categories, such as homeless individuals, refugees, and migrants, supporting efforts to uphold the dignity of those forced into different living conditions against their will. A notable initiative aimed at these vulnerable groups was conducted in 2015, when a humanitarian picnic, open to all company employees, raised and donated over 750,000 MKD to the Red Cross.

By actively affirming its role as a societal partner dedicated to fostering meaningful change and making a positive impact, Alkaloid consistently upholds its commitments outlined in its corporate social responsibility strategy. This dedication allows the company's employees to become genuine ambassadors of goodwill.