Oct 27, 2015

Alkaloid awarded for The best Regional Energy Efficiency Project

Alkaloid’s continued strivings in protecting the environment and towards energy efficient performance were this time awarded with a prestigious recognition for “The best Regional Sustainable Energy Project”.

The project “External Reconstruction of the Production Facility – Pharmacy”, financed by the WeBSEFF program (Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Financing Facility), was awarded in the category “Energy efficiency refurbishment of business buildings” at a ceremony in Zagreb. This program was implemented in the following countries from the region: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Four projects have been implemented in Alkaloid thus far related to the credit lines of WeBSEFFI and WeBSEFF II, as follows: three projects on locations in Skopje and one in Serbia.

The first project involved reusing a section from the factory of cosmetic products in the high rack warehouse. This outstanding project was implemented in 2013 at the same time with the investment action in Belgrade, in the drug factory.

In compliance with the parameters prepared by consultants for these two projects, the total energy saving was higher than 20%, which significantly surpasses the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) parameters for suitability estimation.

The third project was implemented last year and refers to an external reconstruction of a production facility – Pharmacy. In this section the energy savings amount to 37%, whereas the carbon dioxide emission is lower by 30% in total.

The fourth project is under way and refers to the reconstruction and reuse of a current facility in the Quality Control – Pharmacy.

Alkaloid accepted the opportunity to implement certain investment projects through the EBRD and the European Committee credit line, intended for sustainable energy for the SEE countries. The projects proposed must meet the technical requirements concerning significant reduction of energy consumption or towards using renewable energy sources. Such approach is confirmed with the quality of performing new investment actions within the company, and also through a continued care for the environmental aspect in the performance through reducing the harmful gases emission.