Apr 18, 2022

Alkaloid celebrates 25 years of successful cooperation with Quality Austria in certification under international standards

Commitment to the introduction and application of a top-notch quality management process throughout its operations has always been one of Alkaloid's main postulates. Alkaloid's products are undoubtedly synonymous with top quality. The regular inspections by domestic and foreign regulatory services and certification and notification bodies confirm that all production processes in the company are compliant with the world-leading production norms. 

In 1997, Alkaloid was one of the first companies in the region and beyond to certify the quality systems of its Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Cosmetics, and Botanicals profit centers. 

This year we mark the 25th anniversary of the first ISO 9001 quality certificate granted by Quality Austria, which is an independent international certification body, conducting compliance assessments under the international standards and regulations, accredited by the International Certification Network IQNet. ISO 9001 proves the companies’ ability to permanently supply products and services in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements and consumer demands.  

The successful long-term cooperation in certification between Alkaloid and Quality Austria included the award of several quality certificates in numerous areas, in compliance with the renowned international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 13485:2016, HACCP, and ISO 22000:2018 / FSSC22000.