Mar 27, 2024


The recent construction of solid pharmaceutical form manufacturing facilities covering an area of 6200 square meters, marks the most significant investment made by the company in the past two decades.

Committed to continuous modernization and expanding manufacturing capacities, volume, and product range, Alkaloid AD Skopje has recently completed its most substantial investment venture in the past two decades. This project involved the establishment of an advanced facility for manufacturing solid pharmaceutical forms, known as "Tablet Department 2.0," along with its accompanying technical infrastructure.

The new technical and technological infrastructure, designed to more than double the production volume and enhance the flexibility of solid pharmaceutical form manufacturing, spans 6200 square meters, encompassing both production and technical facilities. Alkaloid invested a total of 19.4 million euros in this endeavor. The building construction, which commenced in April 2021, engaged 30 local and 16 international companies. Alkaloid AD Skopje's professional departments oversaw both the construction and furnishing processes. The facilities were constructed to adhere to the stringent standards for good manufacturing practices, with all processes fully integrated and digitized. All data from process controls are automatically generated.

The newly established facility for manufacturing solid pharmaceutical forms will produce tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules, and double-layered tablets, introducing this manufacturing technology to Macedonia for the first time. These are tablets that contain multiple active ingredients with various chemical and physical properties or release methods. They are carefully and precisely dosed, with the active ingredients physically separated to maintain stability and effectiveness, enabling patients to receive comprehensive therapy from multiple medications in a single tablet. The solid pharmaceutical form manufacturing equipment was procured from globally recognized manufacturers: GEA for wet granulation equipment, Alexanderwerk for dry granulation equipment, Lodige for homogenization equipment, Fette for tablet presses, Glatt for the film coating system, De Lama for the automatic container washing machine, among others.

Upon commissioning the new technical and technological unit for manufacturing solid pharmaceutical forms, production capacity has doubled. Previously capable of producing 2 billion tablets annually, the projected manufacturing capacity now exceeds 4 billion tablets per year.

"In our dynamic pharmaceuticals industry, sales are typically directly linked to investment, skills, and knowledge. Over the past two decades, our focus has centered on constructing a modern and competitive product portfolio. Our commitment remains unwavering: to distinguish ourselves through developing knowledge and value-added products. Looking ahead, we are resolute in staying this course, further globalizing the Alkaloid brand with dignity and dedication by practicing high ethical standards, credibility, and a professional approach across all our operations" - noted Zhivko Mukaetov, the CEO and President of the Management Board, during the official launch of the new department, attended by senior company management and media representatives from both the country and the region.

This marks one of the most significant investment endeavors undertaken by Alkaloid AD in the last two decades. In 2005, the company recorded sales totaling 53.1 million euros, a figure that surged to 268.3 million euros by 2023, marking a five-fold increase. Alongside this consistent growth over the past 15 years, investments exceeding 220 million euros were realized.

Alkaloid's pharmaceutical products are available in over 40 countries worldwide.