Jan 11, 2018

Alkaloid commissions two new production facilities

Investment worth over 2.5 million eur

Following the world trends in pharmacy and the production of affordable, high-quality, efficient and safe medications, whose Alkaloid AD trademark is a synonym for high level of quality and reliability, are the principles that are firmly embedded in the corporate policy of the company. Consistently adhering to the annual plan for capital investments for 2017 (CAPEX), Alkaloid AD Skopje successfully implemented the investment activities planned in the new production facilities within the Pharmacy profit center.

In the presence of representatives from Alkaloid AD Skopje management, the company officially commissioned three investment projects: Plant for production of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms (ointments, creams, gels and vagitories): Central weighing plant 2 and Department for packing solid pharmaceutical forms.

The new production facilities extend to an area of 1000m2 and the value of this new investment of Alkaloid AD Skopje is over 2.5 million euro. The latest standards for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) have been implemented in the realization of these projects.

Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, the CEO and the president of the Management Board of Alkaloid AD Skopje, said upon the official commissioning of the new investment projects: “The marketing presence of the company established in over 30 countries in the world and the constant pursuit of opening up new markets and new perspectives requires careful monitoring of the trends in the field of healthcare and pharmacy and their implementation in everyday work. For that purpose, investing in new facilities, technology, knowledge and staff will continue to be imperative in our daily operations. The commitment to a humane production program focused primarily on end-users is the principle that we are guided by and will continue to follow in everyday operations, while strictly paying attention to the credibility and professional approach that we practice and implement in our overall work."

Details of investment projects:

Plant for production of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms (ointments, creams, gels and vagitories) covers an area of 460 m2 of clean spaces where the complete process of scaling the raw materials, preparation of semi-products and dosing and packaging of finished products takes place.

The total value of this project is around 1.4 million euro and the value of the installed homogenizers that provide preparation for all types of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms amounts to nearly 400.000 euro. Considering the specificity of the processes in this production segment, the company's investment department has particularly taken care of raising the level of employee safety and ensuring high quality products in the process.

Central weighing plant 2 is an investment that covers an area of 240 m2 for which the company has allocated 600.000 euro for equipment and facilities. The equipment consists of a weighing system that serves to control, monitor and manage the process of measuring active substances and excipients that constitute solid pharmaceutical forms. Being an entry point of the production process, it is integrated within the SAP / ERP system of Alkalod AD Skopje.

Department for packing solid pharmaceutical forms covers an area of 300 m2 on which two production lines have been installed, as follows: a line for blister packaging and a line for strip-packaging of solid dosage forms. The value of this project is 500.000 euro.