Apr 1, 2013

Alkaloid donates 9 dialysis apparatuses to 5 health care centers

Alkaloid AD – Skopje donated a total number of 9 dialysis apparatuses to 5 health care centers in Macedonia. General hospitals in Prilep and Strumica received two dialysis apparatuses respectively, as well as the medical centre in Delchevo and the clinic hospital in Shtip, while the general hospital in Gevgelija received one dialysis apparatus.

Through this donation we wish to facilitate at least a bit the process of treatment for dialysis patients and contribute to their treatment of higher quality and greater accessibility to therapy. The number of kidney-patients in the Republic of Macedonia is not at all small, and some dialysis patients, who were registered in the centers where apparatuses were donated, had to travel in neighboring cities in order to receive proper treatment.

The dialysis apparatuses of 4008H type have been provided from the Fresenius company for a very good price, as a sign of gratitude for the long-standing cooperation between Alkaloid AD and this renowned firm. The regular price of one apparatus ranges between 10 and 12 thousand euro.

Being a dependable and safe partner of Macedonian health care and pharmacy, a company, whose top priority is human health, which regularly provides help to the most deprived, Alkaloid AD – Skopje will continue those commitments and actions in the future as well.