Apr 18, 2019

Alkaloid extends the internship program to secondary schools

After the successful implementation of the internship programs with four faculties at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Alkaloid AD Skopje decided to extend the cooperation of this kind to secondary schools as well.

In the first cycle of the program titled "Serial Practical Training", the company signed memoranda for cooperation with two secondary schools on the territory of the city of Skopje: the secondary medical school Dr. Pance Karagozov and the secondary school Maria Curie - Sklodowska.

"In the course of our corporate social responsibility efforts and driven by successful examples of internships with academic institutions, where we received serious indicators of how the active engagement of young, talented and ambitious students can be used at full capacity to mutual benefit, we decided to open the doors for practical cooperation with the secondary vocational schools related to our branches. I hope that new generations of millennials will take this opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and acquire new practical skills which would be framework for real processes”, said Mr. Zivko Mukaetov, CEO of Alkaloid AD Skopje.

The memoranda for cooperation between the company and the educational institutions were signed at Alkaloid's head office today, for the purpose of implementing the project, which was verified by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and supported by the management of the City of Skopje:

"This practical teaching program opens up a new opportunity for students to acquire practical skills, knowledge and experiences in this company. I believe that students will take this opportunity, acquire practical experience and improve their attractiveness at the labor market after completing the education, "said Mr. Blerim Nebiu, director of the SSCS Maria Curie-Sklodowska.

According to the acting director of the secondary medical school Dr. Pance Karagozov, Ms. Maja Saliu, signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with Alkaloid AD Skopje results from the joint vision for encouraging the employability of young people:

"Our school's strategic orientation is to produce professional staff that will respond to the needs of the labor market by acquiring skills through practical work in real environment. All this is aimed at establishing a dual education system within the commitments for sustainable economic growth and development "- emphasized Saliu.

In view of the fact that quality and appropriate education is the foundation of the social and economic development of every city and state, towards improving the standards of educational services in secondary schools and raising the competencies of students, the head of the education sector of the City of Skopje, Ms. Daniela Adamova stated:

"Our goal is to support the positive practices of European models of dual education and to create our own models of cooperation with the business community that will reflect our specific needs for an efficient and productive education system."

Alkaloid AD Skopje and Ss. Cyril and Methodius University started the first cycle of the internship programs in April 2018. Through the cycle, 11 out of 17 hired interns remained to work for the Company. The aim of the new cycle of internships with secondary schools is to encourage the development of young professional staff through their active engagement in authentic processes. The secondary school students will receive for their practical engagement a symbolic financial compensation from the Company, with the first group of about fifteen interns expected to begin the practical training in the middle of June this year.