Mar 31, 2021

Alkaloid has paid annual leave allowance for its employees for 2021

and has extended the voluntary private health insurance

By decision of the Managing Board of "Alkaloid AD" Skopje, the annual leave allowance for the employees in the company was approved and paid in March 2021, in the amount of 100% of the average monthly net wage paid per employee in the previous three months in R.N. Macedonia.The paid compensation per employee is in the amount of 31,167 Denars gross, i.e. 28,050 Denars net.

The health of the employees, especially in a global health crisis, is a top priority for the company. In that regard, "Alkaloid AD" Skopje in 2020 concluded an agreement for voluntary private health insurance for its employees, and the policy is valid for the upcoming 2021.

"Alkaloid" group has 2,420 employees, of which 1,860 are in the base in Skopje and 560 are employees in the subsidiaries and representative offices abroad. The company's compensation policy is defined in the Statute of the company and the collective agreement of "Alkaloid" AD. The care for the employees, the community, the consumers, the shareholders and all the stakeholders of the company are firmly grounded in the corporate policy of "Alkaloid AD" Skopje and such efforts will continue in the future.