Jul 2, 2014

Alkaloid has upgraded the SAP system with a global leading solution for human resources management

Alkaloid has upgraded its corporate system with one of the most complex and globally leading human resource management solutions, in order by synchronizing the existing data bases to upgrade the occupational health and safety level and to promote the professional development of its employees.

In particular, the existing SAP ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning system (branded by Alkaloid under the name of AlkaSAP), a system for total management of company databases is upgraded in the following parts: organizational management, personnel administration, personnel and employee development, management of professional trainings and events, occupational health and safety and travel management.

Although this is one of the more complex projects of this kind, the team of Alkaloid managed to implement it in a very brief period of only six months, fully putting into practice all five phases of the project.

In consonance with the strategy for investing in advanced technologies, which is nurtured by Alkaloid in almost eight decades, this step is an important advancement aimed at creating added value by the company, maintaining the leading position on the Macedonian market and being even more successful globally.

In order to achieve this, as stated in the long term strategic plan, Alkaloid in the future period will introduce the AlkaSAP solution in several representative offices of the company abroad.