Oct 30, 2012

Alkaloid – host of panel 5 at Global Investment Summit

Macedonia Being a Small Market should be an Advantage not a Handicap! High-profile businessmen from the country and abroad participated in Panel 5 of the Global Investment Summit for Macedonia entitled “Global Competitive Macedonian Products and Services: Successful Business Models of Cooperation”, moderated by Alkaloid CEO Zhivko Mukaetov. Managers of Herbal Science, EMSA Solar, Cosmic Development/JMG Canada, Makprogres Vinica, Export Packers, Carnicom and FHZH were among those businessmen.

Macedonia has numerous unused business potentials and quality products that would be highly-competitive on foreign markets and very successful business stories that set real models. That was the unanimous conclusion of businessmen from the country and abroad who participated in the 5th Panel of the Global Investment Summit, moderated by Alkaloid CEO Zhivko Mukaetov. Well established managers from the country and high-profile world businessmen of Macedonian origin, members of the Macedonia 2025 organization, took part in the Panel held on 20 October, as part of the second official part of the Summit.


Alkaloid CEO and Board member Zhivko Mukaetov highlighted the need of joint work of companies, as this is the most efficient way to strengthen the Macedonian economy. “Each of us should do as much as possible in their own domain and make greater contribution and effort, so that we achieve growth of the Macedonian economy together. It is evident that bridges are being built between businesses here and the Diaspora abroad. Coordination between all segments in the society interested in a better Macedonian economy is also evident, which is confirmed by the presence of Government officials at the Summit”, Mukaetov underlined.


„One of the primary goals of Macedonia 2025 is to stimulate business cooperation, which is best explained in the interview of John Bitov Junior for the weekly magazine “Gragjanski”, who says: ‘My business experiences are a combination of many years of attempts and mistakes, step-by-step learning and arduous and long work in order to overcome all obstacles’. Macedonia 2025 has comparative business knowledge and we can teach and motivate young Macedonian entrepreneurs to create successful business practices” – Mukaetov said in his introductory address to the auditorium.


Manager of Herbal Science and Alkaloid USA, Vera Stavrof indicated Alkaloid AD Skopje as a successful example. “The high quality and management skills of the qualified staff have been crucial for successful launch of Aveda teas. Those are the main advantages of the company”, said Stavrof, highlighting that she could not find a better partner than Alkaloid even if she wanted.


Emil Hristov, EMSA Solar founder and member of Macedonia 2025 told his life and business story, which confirms that a good idea can win even without a single dollar in the pocket. “I started the company in 2009 with two people. We introduced EMSA Solar on the market in 2010, when we began to work in Macedonia. We do not think within boundaries and this is why we have been able to freely grow on the market.


Chris Pavlovski, the founder of JMG Canada and co-founder of Cosmic Development, who took part in Panel 5 of MGIS, pointed out that he would create a fund for financing young entrepreneurs from the IT sector. “I am personally going to run this fund and I do hope that Macedonia will soon become a new Switzerland”, Pavlovski emphasized.


The Macedonian businessman Kristijan Danailovski, CEO of FHZH Macedonia, took part in the Summit and said that following new trends and high standards is crucial for success abroad, while Gligor Cvetanov, Manager of Makprogres Vinica, stressed that it was a very big challenge to be a Macedonian exporter. Miki Velichkovski, Manager of Carnicom, and Boris Laic, his partner of Export Packers Company, told the interesting story of successful cooperation between these two companies, highlighting that there is a great demand for agricultural products of high quality in North America.