May 30, 2013

Alkaloid introduces innovation in the field communication

Alkaloid AD Skopje continues the tradition of being a leader in the region concerning implementation of new tools and functions of current operations. Alkaloid AD Skopje is the first company in the Republic of Macedonia and the first regional pharmaceutical company that implemented on its own and put into operation the innovative “CRM Sales Vision Pharma Аnywhere“application, which is in fact an upgrade of the current Customer Relationship Management (CRM System) that the company implemented for the first time in pharmaceutical segment in 2008.

The application, which works on mobile tablet devices (Apple, iPad4), ensures constant, timely and efficient communication among the employees of the company: those on field, in head offices and in subsidiaries outside Macedonia. Functionalities of this solution are connected with data analysis, daily planning, marketing activities, projects, researches, etc.

“This project’s successful completion in the area of Information Technology and Telecommunications of Alkaloid AD Skopje paved the way for the next stage planned – working on field with tablet devices in other subsidiaries outside Macedonia as well, and their synchronization with the head office” – said Nikola Dimovski, Manager of the Information Technology (IT) Department of the company.

Mr. Damir Shafaric, General Manager of Media–Soft – the company that is partner of Alkaloid in this project - in his address from London, speaking on behalf of his company, expressed their immense pleasure about cooperating with Alkaloid: - “Alkaloid is a very ambitious company with powerful portfolio, committed to innovations, and we are absolutely compatible concerning such visions. It is always good to see that clients require and demand more perfect systems”, said Mr. Shafaric.