Dec 18, 2013

Alkaloid launches modern high-rack warehouse in Gjorche Petrov

Alkaloid launched a modern warehouse for finished products. The total value of the investment implemented in just 9 months was 1,200.000 EUR.

The total construction area of the warehouse is 1,600 m2, 13m high with 3,114 palettes for high-rack storing of cosmetic products and medical devices.

Warehouses are equipped with storage shelving system of 12.5m height, and two high-rack computerized forklift trucks of 10.50m lifting height and standard storage equipment (manual electrically-maneuvered forklift trucks, hand pallet trucks and hydraulic loading ramp) have been provided for managing finished product pallets.

The warehouse area is constructed in compliance with the latest standards for this type of objects, with seismic characteristics checked and sophisticated fire protection system installed in order to ensure maximum safety for employees, facilities and materials inside. The management of materials is carried out through SAP software system.

Large part of this investment’s funding has been provided by company’s own resources, whereas part has been provided from WeBSEFF credit line of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development aimed at energy efficient projects that use renewable sources of energy.

Throughout the implementation of this project we took particular care in decreasing the level of emission of harmful gases, saving electricity, installing heating pump that provides energy for air conditioning of the area, using underground water as a resource, and installing energy efficient light bulbs and ECO facade panels for thermal isolation.

This project was implemented in line with Alkaloid’s commitments for social responsibility, care in environmental protection, and safety of employees and material goods, with all standards and regulations in construction and functioning having been strictly observed.