Dec 6, 2022


The new quality control, R&D, and registration laboratories occupy an area of 400 m² at the cosmetics manufacturing plant in Gjorce Petrov.

The quality of the renowned Alkaloid brands Becutan, Sattwa, Young Derm, Black Up, and Gloss – produced under the strict principles of good production and laboratory practices – will, from now on, be monitored and controlled in new laboratory facilities. The new labs will also serve to develop new products, following the applicable national and international regulations.

The new €720.000 investment provides state-of-the-art working conditions and will serve as premises for laboratory operations, data processing, documents, reagents and spare samples storage, weighing and laundry room.

“Alkaloid has been manufacturing cosmetic products since 1972. Thanks to their consistent top quality, some of our well-known brands introduced then are still selling on the market. The fast-paced cosmetics industry requires that we always follow the latest trends and introduce new formulations that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers. These new laboratory facilities, which we launch today, aim to meet the expected high quality of our cosmetic products and create new products following the latest cosmetology trends", said Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and President of the Management Board of Alkaloid.

The equipment installed in the new laboratory and development facilities will allow the measuring of preservatives, heavy metals, and active components in the products. In addition, the equipment for control of the composition of product packaging materials will ensure continuous monitoring and safe use of the incoming packaging. The thermometer and hygrometer-equipped chambers allow simulations to confirm product stability for all climate zones worldwide.

The Alkaloid’s cosmetics department employs 136 people. The new quality control, R&D, and registration laboratories will employ eighteen pharmacists, process and chemical engineers, and chemical technicians.