Sep 29, 2020

"Alkaloid" makes a donation to the student and school dormitories in Skopje

Despite all the challenges set by the beginning of the new school year, October 1 marks the start of a new chapter in Macedonian education. In addition to the schools, the student and school dormitories will start operating and as institutions of public interest, they provide accommodation for about 12,000 students on the territory of the city of Skopje.

Due to the capacitive specifics in conditions of pandemic, these institutions will have special protocols for their functioning which will mean a high level of hygiene and frequent disinfection.

For that purpose, "Alkaloid AD Skopje" donated products from its range of antiseptics and disinfectants.

"The donation of disinfectants from the company “Alkaloid” will not only protect the health of pupils, students and staff, but will also facilitate the implementation of the protocols.

I hope they will be taken seriously and will be respected because that is the only way to overcome this situation and protect our loved ones" says Dario Nikolovski, director of the "Public Student Dormitory" Skopje.

In regards to the challenges of opening the student and school dormitories in extraordinary circumstances, the Minister of Education and Science, Ms. Mila Carovska emphasized:

“I am really glad that in such extraordinary circumstances, at a time when we are facing a pandemic, we managed to find a way to open student and school dormitories and provide accommodation for students, who will attend lectures and internships with physical presence. Huge thanks to the company "Alkaloid" which showed real social responsibility and donated means for disinfection and maintenance of hygiene in the dormitories.

On this occasion, I would like to urge students and dormitory staff to adhere to the protection protocols, as this is the only way we can prevent the spread of Covid-19. To protect ourselves, but also our loved ones. By respecting the measures, we all together contribute to preserving the public health”.

October 1 instead of September 1. Distance learning instead of traditional learning. A school year in which all stakeholders in the educational process have a common goal: conducting the process of education and preserving the health of students by respecting the prescribed health measures and protocols.

"This unusual school year will differ in many ways from all previous school year beginnings, but education is a key factor in the development of a healthy society and it is inevitable fact that we will have to adapt to the new normal, taking into account the most important thing: the health of the students. In this regard, we as a company have made a small contribution to adapting to the new circumstances in the student and school dormitories by donating antiseptics and disinfectants.

On this occasion, I would like to wish to all students a successful start of the school year and good health. You are our future and you need to set exceptional examples to be followed. Respect the protection measures and take care of your selves! "- said the Manager General and Chairman of the Board of" Alkaloid AD Skopje".

The donation that "Alkaloid AD Skopje" made to the student and school dormitories in Skopje consists of 16,000 liters of antiseptic agents ("MEDICAL®" gel and "ECOSAL Forte®" polyalcoholic solution) and 17,100 liters of ready-made solution for cleaning and disinfection "DEZINTAL 0.2% ”in the total amount of nearly 5 million denars.