Apr 18, 2024

Alkaloid – Most Desirable Employer for 2023 – absolute winner according to Vrabotuvanje.com

"Maintaining a high standard of corporate culture, result-driven focus and strong ethical standards is a significant challenge for any successful and ambitious company. Alkaloid consistently endeavors to attract top talent from the labor market, irrespective of the role in question.”

For the second time, Alkaloid AD Skopje has received the top honor as the absolute winner in most sought-after employer category, earning the prestigious title of Most Desirable Macedonian Employer for 2023. This distinction is based on criteria such as Vrabotuvanje.com visitor interest in the company's announcements and advertisements, applicant interest, and the conducted survey themed: "Which company would you choose to work for without hesitation?" The event, held for the first time in 2023, was conceived as the Oscars for employers in the country, aimed to highlight exemplary practices within the Macedonian labor market.

The Employer of the Year award was presented to the CEO and MB President of Alkaloid, Zhivko Mukaetov, who noted:

"This award represents an acknowledgment for the 3,000 families contributing to Alkaloid's operations in Macedonia and its subsidiaries abroad! It underscores the dedication, expertise and skills that have been poured into every product and process throughout our 88-year history. This recognition validates the presence of truly exceptional individuals in Macedonia.”

Alkaloid consistently nurtures an engaging work environment and regularly enhances its employee benefits system encompassing voluntary private health insurance, subsidized amount for extracurricular activities of employees' children; New Year's linear compensation for all employees, vacation pay exceeding minimal legal requirements, employee loyalty rewards and additional compensations for successful internal project involvement, annual dedicated budget for education and professional development, regular team-building activities, internal and external career development opportunities, gifts for employee newborns, New Year's packages for employees' children, and more.