Dec 27, 2022


SOS Children's Village North Macedonia is part of a 70-year-old international organisation active in 136 countries worldwide, dedicated to helping and supporting the most vulnerable - children

SOS Children's Village is an organisation that currently cares for more than 394 children and youth, orphaned or at risk of losing their parents. Since fostering the first child in our country in 2002, SOS Children's Village has helped hundreds of thousands of children. It has provided them with support, love, a warm home, a sense of belonging and security, quality education, a more secure future and an opportunity to have a better childhood. Alkaloid has supported this organisation several times in the past.

"I am glad to be here today, to mark the beginning of a new, strategic cooperation with SOS Children's Village. First, we will name one of the houses here, The Becutan House. Then, right before the 45th anniversary of our children's brand, I am honoured to announce that we will continue and extend our cooperation throughout 2023," - said Zhivko Mukaetov, Alkaloid’s CEO and MB President.

SOS Children's Village’s National Director Juliana Nakova Gapo stressed that the ‘godfathering’ of the Becutan House is more than just financial support. It also builds a sincere relationship between the foster family and the Alkaloid employees. She pointed out that caring for the children is the primary goal of both entities in their own specific way:

"Our joint activities in the coming year will take place under the motto 'EVERY CHILD IS OUR CARE'. We are grateful for the strategic partnership that will help us provide a second chance for a carefree childhood for many children!" - said Nakova Gapo.

Four children, 4 to 12 years old, stay at Becutan House, and a 15-year-old girl is transiting to a youth house. The SOS Children's Village has twelve houses in the Chento Neighbourhood, accommodating 59 children under 14 years old. The organisation is funded by donations from individuals, companies, institutions and various forms of partnerships. Anyone can donate, and contributions are used exclusively for the children sheltered in the SOS Children's Village. You can donate at the following link: