Dec 28, 2020

Alkaloid pays New Year bonus MKD 25,000 per employee and donates EUR 1.2 million to community in 2020

Alkaloid’s products are part of the everyday life of millions of people in the countries where the company has established business operations. Each product carrying Alkaloid’s logo is a synonym for quality, tradition and hard work put by thousands of employees and generations of ‘Alkaloid’s people’, who have built the company’s values. The positive image of the company is largely a reflection of the organizational culture, in which the care for the employees has been on the top of the list of priorities.

In the context of the aggravating work conditions caused by the world health crisis, and on the occasion of the New Year’s and Christmas holidays, Alkaloid has taken a decision to pay each of its employees a one-off, linear bonus in the amount of net MKD 25,000. The compensation and bonus policy of the company, in accordance with the Statute of the organization and the Collective Agreement of Alkaloid AD, is based on competitiveness, motivation, timeliness and transparency. The company, despite the prevailing uncertainty in the first quarter of 2020, paid each employee the annual holiday bonus in the amount of MKD 26,718 in March.

In December this year Alkaloid AD has had a total of 2,371 employees, out of which 1,832 in North Macedonia and 539 in its subsidiaries abroad. During 2020, 209 new employments were realized in the company.

In circumstances when the world economies are struggling to mitigate the effects of the loss suffered and the forecasts for 2021 are overshadowed by the virus’ immunity and the expected effects of the vaccine, not many companies are able to help their systems in such hard times. But, aid in crisis is essential, particularly if the crisis refers to health. For this reason, in the current year, our corporate social responsibility activities have been intensified. On various grounds, Alkaloid AD Skopje, through its head office in Skopje, ‘Trajche Mukaetov Foundation and its subsidiaries in the country and abroad, have donated nearly EUR 1.2 million, of which EUR 1,075,000 have been donated in North Macedonia and approximately EUR 125,000 abroad.  Depending on their purpose, EUR 325,000 have been donated as medicinal products, medical supplies, equipment and provisions; over EUR 210,000 are donations in the form of sanitizers and disinfectants, while EUR 638,000 are finances granted on various grounds, of which EUR 141,236 have been realized through ‘Trajche Mukaetov’ Foundation. The list of recipients of donations includes healthcare institutions, associations and a large number of individuals.


Care for the employees, the community, consumers, shareholders and stakeholders of the company are firmly founded in the corporate policy of Alkaloid AD Skopje and such commitments shall continue in the future, as well. The coming year is full of uncertainty, but we remain committed to living up to the expectations of the market and delivering superb quality of our products and services. We wish in the year of the 85th jubilee of Alkaloid AD together to take joy at new successes, higher achievements and HEALTH above all!