May 13, 2020

Alkaloid realized the project for gasification at its site in Gjorce Petrov

In accordance with the plan for capital investments for 2019 and 2020, ALKALOID AD Skopje realized an investment activity for adjustment and introduction of natural gas at the Gjorce Petrov site. The investment activity is worth 1 million euros and includes the construction of a new underground gas pipeline on the site, commissioning of two new steam boilers and remediation of the existing installations.

Guided by the global trends for increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the company's professional technical services - Investment, Maintenance and Energy Management - have developed a plan and solution for the introduction of natural gas at the site. Two new steam boilers and low NOx burners, manufactured in accordance with the latest technological and engineering achievements from the world-renowned manufacturers Viessmann and Saacke, have been purchased and put into operation. The newly installed equipment is characterized by extremely high energy efficiency and utilization of the natural gas. At the same time, the boiler room has been modernized, allowing 72 hours autonomous operation without the presence of staff.

With the introduction of natural gas in the industrial and energy facilities on the Gjorce Petrov site, conditions are created for its maximum utilization, for greater economy in the total energy consumption in the company and reduction of the cost for maintenance of the existing equipment.

As a socially responsible company that cares for the environment and the health of its citizens, ALKALOID contributes to reducing pollution and meeting strict environmental standards in its entirety.