May 23, 2013

Alkaloid Research Team authenticated the unknown structure of pholcodine monohydrate compound

ALKALOID’S research team cooperated with two science research laboratories and authenticated for the first time in the world the crystal structure of pholcodine monohydrate compound, which has been available for over half a century in form of capsules and syrup for patients suffering from intense dry cough.

Knowing the crystal structure and polymorphism (a possibility of one chemical compound to exist in more various crystalline forms) of each pharmaceutically-active compound is of particular importance for detailed definition of its physical and chemical properties and physiological activity. Although pholcodine monohydrate in form of capsules and syrup has been actively used in the world medicine to relieve intense dry cough ever since the mid 20-th century, its crystal structure was unknown. Some aspects concerning the physiological activity of this compound have remained unclear thus far, most probably as a result of not knowing its structure. Their definition and clarifications can in the future pave the way for its broadened and modified medical application.

The results of this significant discovery were published in the renowned science magazine Journal of Crystal Growth in a form of original research paper, entitled: “Pholcodine Monohydrate: Crystal Structure and Polymorphism”. The research was carried out upon initiative of Gjorgji Petrushevski, Msc., working at the Research and Development Institute in Alkaloid AD Skopje, as part of his PhD. study, under the mentorship of prof. Petre Makreski from the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, in cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb, R. Croatia and Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (in Skopje, translator’s note).

This scientific achievement is an enormous success for Macedonian science as it is a pioneer research managed by Macedonian scientists under the patronage of ALKALOID AD – Skopje, inciting further cooperation between this company and science institutions in the Republic of Macedonia.