Feb 21, 2019

Alkaloid signs a new memorandum for cooperation for internship program with another two faculties at UKIM: Medical and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy

Alkaloid AD Skopje signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for Internship Program with two other faculties at Ss.

Cyril and Methodius University from Skopje - the Medical and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in order to encourage the development of students' creativity, their personal and professional profiling, as well as the readiness to face future professional challenges. Internship at "Alkaloid AD Skopje" is a joint project of the company, the University and students, representing the future workforce in the Republic of Macedonia.

At the signing ceremony of this Memorandum of Cooperation for the Internship Program, the CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of "Alkaloid AD Skopje" Mr. Zivko Mukaetov said:

As a socially responsible company, we would like to enable students to engage in everyday company processes and activities in order to strengthen their professional skills. Through this program, we want to build synergy  which all the involved parties will benefit from, and the scientific-research work in this country will be raised to a new, higher level. The cooperation on this subject with the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University from Skopje first started in April 2018 with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (PMF) - Institute of Chemistry, and the first cycle of internships was completed in September of the same year. 11 of the 17 interns remained to work in the company and it is interesting just how a small incentive can make young people achieve excellent results! Because of the great interest, we decided to expand the cooperation with two other faculties where a research indicated there is a shortage of personnel. This year, according to the current legal regulations in the country, we will have space for 30 new interns from the four faculties with which we have cooperation on this project. "

The deans of the two new faculties expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with this program as well as with the opportunity given for students' improvement:

"Today's signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation for Internship Program with Alkaloid AD Skopje opens the opportunity for the students from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy from Skopje to acquire practical skills, knowledge and experience in the largest pharmaceutical company in the country. We believe that students will take this opportunity and gain practical experience, thus increasing their attractiveness on the labor market after graduation "- said Dean, Prof. Ion Magdeski, PhD.

Prof. Sonja Topuzovska, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at UKIM, noted:

"Alkaloid's internship programs can greatly assist medical students in acquiring new practical experiences, ensuring that they are able to apply some of their theoretical knowledge more easily and develop the vision for their future. For us, as a faculty, the experience of engaging students as interns will open up perspectives for creating new study programs as well as modernizing the existing ones. Such initiatives are especially important to encourage medical students that conditions are being created for upgrading their professional knowledge, skills and the opportunity for professional achievement in their own country. "

"Alkaloid AD Skopje" and the leading University in the country, through the internship project, plan to jointly develop, adapt and structurally harmonize the programs for education and development of interns in accordance with their mutual needs, to the extent that is optimal for the educational programs. The first vacancy announcement for the new group of internships in the company is planned for March this year.