May 19, 2021

"Alkaloid" with a new investment in production capacities for wet wipes

The wet wipes are part of the Becutan brand portfolio, first marketed in 2006 and made under the original recipe developed by Alkaloid's pharmacy experts. The wet wipes were being produced abroad for 15 years, but from now on they will be manufactured at the new production facility that opened today, located at the Lafoma plant in Gjorche Petrov.

The production equipment was purchased from Croatia and Turkey, while around ten Macedonian companies participated in the construction of the production facility. The new production line can pack between 5 and 150 wet wipes and has a capacity of 120 packaged units per minute. ‎

‎ "We started this investment worth around 4 million Euros in March 2020. We adapted 3.200 m2 of production and storage space, where we installed fully automated and robotised equipment. The new facility can produce up to 50 million pieces per year, manufactured in line with the strict good manufacturing practices and the European Cosmetics Regulation. We are especially pleased that the wet wipes, which is the best-selling product of the Becutan product portfolio, will be fully produced in our plant, and the production process will follow the global standards," said the Alkaloid's CEO and President of the Management Board Zhivko Mukaetov. ‎

‎ The production process starts by purifying water, then by preparing the wet-wipe emulsion, moistening, cutting, and wrapping the wet wipes in foil, and robotized packaging in boxes. The proprietary lotion formula used in the wet wipes is prepared in special mixers that can mix up to 12.000 litres per shift. The equipment can detect any wet wipes package that fails to meet the prescribed standards and can eliminate it automatically. This process assures consistent quality and continuous product monitoring. Becutan is the leading brand of cosmetics for children on the Macedonian market. It has a 43-year tradition, is sold in 25 countries, and is well known and recognized on the markets in the region. ‎