May 12, 2022

Alkaloid’s Chief Executive Officer, panellist at NLB Investor Day in Belgrade: “The region is a starting point for Alkaloid’s globalization!”

Alkaloid’s Chief Executive Officer and Management Board President, Zhivko Mukaetov attended the NLB Investor Day event, held from 11 to 13 May at the National Theatre in Belgrade. Financial experts, analysts, investors, executives of leading companies, and media representatives from the region participated in the event. 

Besides the macroeconomic view of the region, its attractiveness as an investment destination, and sustainable future strategies, the event focused on the success stories of the region’s leading companies, including Alkaloid, as one of the panellists at the roundtable entitled A Region of Success, where each participant reviewed the region concerning the needed synergy strategy for greater economic growth and better resource allocation, respecting the local and cultural specifics of each market. 

"We aim to create products with an added value and we see the region as a starting point for building the global strategy. To achieve this, we definitely need synergy. The keyword here may be connectivity. Alkaloid has a manufacturing plant in Belgrade, a chemical laboratory in Ljubljana, and a team for legal corporate affairs in Zagreb. We, ourselves have created a regional fusion aimed to foster business development" Mukaetov said.

Mukaetov emphasized that people are the greatest asset that should be appreciated and made sustainable. 

"Alkaloid's human resources are our most valuable asset and among our top priorities. Promoting and affirming positive values ​​is probably the key to the success of any leader," said Mukaetov at the panel discussion.

Atlantic Group’s CEO Emil Tedeski, Comtrade System Integration’s CEO Dusan Milicević, Fortenova’s CEO Fabris Perushko, Petrol’s CEO Matija Bitenc, Delta Group’s EB Member Andrej Sovrović, and MK Group’s VP Aleksandar Kostić, all took part at the round table on the region as a success story. 

While discussing the region’s potential and its future demographic development, the Atlantic Group’s CEO Tedeski summarized the point of adapting market mechanisms and supply to the real market parameters. "Our population is aging, and given that ‘Becutan’ is one of the region’s leading brands, we need as many babies as possible," said Tedeski stirring a positive reaction among participants and the audience. 

NLB Investor Day features the key regional companies that write success stories in the region. The emphasis was on the region's macroeconomic perspective, its attractiveness for investment, sustainable development strategies, and more.