Mar 31, 2014

Another of Alkaloid's significant discoveries presented before the World Scientific Community

The research team of Alkaloid in a direct collaboration with the prestigious Max Planck Institute from Stuttgard and the Chemistry Institute at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Skopje for the first time in the world solved the crystal structure of the codeine phosphate sesquihydrate, a substance that plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry and has been used for more than half a century.

Knowing the crystal structure of each pharmaceutically – active compound is extremely important for defining its physical-chemical properties in details.

The results of this significant discovery were published in Chemical Communications - one of the three most renowned chemistry scientific journals in the world. The results were published in a form of original scientific paper titled "On the hydrates of codeine phosphate: The remarkable influence of hydrogen bonding on the crystal size". The main experiment was carried out at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgard by Tomche Runchevski, M.Sci., research associate at Alkaloid.

This extremely important scientific challenge that results from a three year continuous systematic study is a huge success for Alkaloid as Macedonian company, but also for the overall home and global scientific community. The company will continue to support such projects in the future as they contribute to further promotion of the Republic of Macedonia in the world.

Almost a year ago, the research team of Alkaloid, at the initiative of Gjorgji Petrushevski, PhD. in cooperation with two research laboratories, presented for the first time before the scientific community the crystal structure of the pholcodine monohydrate compound.