Dec 30, 2011

Business plan for 2012

By a decision taken at its session held on 29 December 2011, the Managing Board of Alkaloid AD Skopje adopted the business plan of the company for 2012. The Business Plan is based on the following: - realistic expectations, projections and opportunities of the current and new markets and products; - risk management policies; - increasing the efficiency of company resources.

The business plan envisages continuous investments in the human resources, investment of around 8.5% of the consolidated sales in tangible and non-tangible assets from own sources, a growth in consolidated sales of at least 10% compared to the expected for 2011 as well as a growth in pre-tax consolidated profit of at least 10% in comparison with the expected for 2011.

It is expected that the domestic market will account for 38.91% of the consolidated sales, whereas 61.09% will come from exports.
The breakdown by Profit Centres envisages that the PC Pharmaceuticals is expected to realize 83.39% of the consolidated sales, while PC Chemistry, Cosmetics and Botanicals 16.61%.