Jun 10, 2021

"Chukni vo drvo" Alkaloid releases a charity music video for it's 85th Anniversary

Оne of Macedonia’s most popular and most optimistic anthems, "Cukni vo drvo" , has been remade under the auspices of Alkaloid. The song has been performed and remixed by serious Macedonian and international musicians for more than three decades. This time, the author Vlatko Stefanovski has entrusted children to perform the song. The timeless lyrics and unique remix and performance by the children of the "Dajte Muzika" project will have a touch of charity this time. ‎

The music video, produced by VertigoVisuals, is directed by Igor Ivanov - Izi. Music producer Mite Dimovski has been working on the remix in his Tralala studio since January. "Cukni vo drvo" is a song about spring, hope, happiness, and zeal for new beginnings. In this new video, bound under the "Health Above All" motto, the band gives a thank you message to the most impacted social categories. In it, director Ivanov pays homage to The Beatles and their epic album "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band". ‎

The plot starts with young children in a schoolyard making thank you cards for those members of society who, although impacted by the COVID pandemic, never ceased carrying out their duties. The children and band members give the cards with the message "Thank You! Health Above All" to police officers, pharmacists, bakers, public transport workers, artists, health professionals, and so on. They are the heroes of the new normal who, during the pandemic, tirelessly and timely distributed food, drugs, and other bare necessities, fought for each human life, maintained public order, kept our streets clean, drove us around, delivered food, and took care that everyone’s needs are met. "Cukni vo drvo", written by guitar virtuoso Vlatko Stefanovski, was initially released in 1989 on the last studio album by Leb i Sol "Putujemo". Alkaloid gives special thanks to Vlatko Stefanovski for letting us use the song. ‎

Alkaloid will publish the video on its social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In September, on its 85th anniversary, Alkaloid will donate to the Children’s University Hospital one denar for each view made between 10 June and 20 September 2021. ‎