May 4, 2012

International leadership training

International Leadership Training will be held in Ohrid from 1 to 8 April 2012, in cooperation with Scout Association of Denmark and Scout Association of Macedonia and involves 30 scouts from Denmark and 30 scouts from Macedonia. 

The Scout organization is the largest non-governmental association in the world and Macedonia and actively includes 31 million young people.

Leadership training is the first such event organized on the Balkan and wider region. It will set an example to organize greater cooperation of that kind. The Scout Association of Denmark (Det Danske Spejderkorps) is the most influential non-governmental organization in the Kingdom of Denmark and, in cooperation with Scout Association of Macedonia, aims at creating constructive leaders in both countries. 

The Scout Association of Macedonia is non-governmental organization that began operating in 1921 on the territory of Macedonia, and its present structure dates from 1953. Couple of thousands young people have been members thus far. 

“It is an honor to participate at one such event whose primary goal is to build potentials of young people who are our future. It gives me great pleasure that in this region Macedonia pioneers the organization of such event, whose primary purpose is, through application of educational methods, to contribute in building healthy system with positive values for young people, something that should be particularly addressed in every society. It gives me even greater pleasure that [the event] is carried out in cooperation with one of the greatest scout movements in the world, the Scout Association of the Kingdom of Denmark, a country that I represent in the Republic of Macedonia.

Honor, responsibility, kindness, friendship, respect for the elderly, honorable words and actions are part of scout commitments, principles I tend to instill into my children as well.

Being the manager of one of the leading corporate responsible companies in the Republic of Macedonia Alkaloid AD Skopje, I work upon supporting projects that target needs of young people, their education and proper raising, projects that would contribute to their turning into socially responsible people” – said Zhivko Mukaetov, Manager of Alkaloid and General Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Republic of Macedonia at the ceremony upon opening of the camp, wishing the young people and their educators successful work.

Scouts will continue their team activities in the upcoming days that include: getting to know both cultures, communicational and organizational skills, team building, motivation and leadership, dealing with conflicts, etc., in one word everything a young person needs to deal with life challenges.