Jun 6, 2024

Macedonian Corner at Oslo’s National Library: Kamen Most - Skopje Rotary Club and the Danish and Norwegian consulates in Skopje donate 377 books in Macedonian

At the Kamen Most - Skopje Rotary Club initiative, supported by the Danish and Norwegian consulates in Skopje, 377 books in Macedonian will be donated to the National Library in Oslo. Dr. Radmila Dimovska, PhD, discovered during her visit to the National Library in Oslo, one of Europe’s most prestigious, that it is missing a Macedonian language corner:

"During my usual visit to the library, I noticed that Macedonian literature and authors are absent from the shelves. This sparked an idea for an initiative by the Kamen Most - Skopje Rotary Club, where I currently serve as President. My colleagues in Norway initially contacted the library, which showed great enthusiasm for the opportunity to enrich their literary collection with books in Macedonian. We reached out to the TRI Publishing Center and the Macedonian Association of Publishers, successfully completing the initiative with the delivery of the books to the Norwegian Consulate in Skopje" said Dr. Dimovska.

Since 2022, the Macedonian language has been taught systematically in Oslo. Currently, there are around forty individuals who attend weekly Macedonian language classes. A significant challenge for these learners in Norway has been the absence of publicly available books in Macedonian.

Bojan Sazdov, president of the Macedonian Association of Publishers and editor-in-chief at the TRI Publishing Center, expressed his pleasure in contributing to the realization of this noble initiative:

"I would like to extend my gratitude to the Kamen Most - Skopje Rotary Club and the Norwegian Consulate in RNM, for their initiative in ensuring that Macedonian language and literature secure their rightful place in the Norwegian National Library, the country’s largest library, where Macedonian books will soon claim their position among world literatures for the first time. The Macedonian Association of Publishers is grateful to its members who accepted the invitation to donate part of their publications for this cause, aiding in the collection of hundreds of books that represent our contemporary literary production, including works by Macedonian authors and translations of popular Scandinavian literature" noted Sazdov. He expressed hope that such initiatives will continue in future, aiming to promote Macedonian literature globally and enhance its accessibility for Macedonians residing abroad, as well as those interested in discovering the Macedonian language and culture for the first time.

In support of this initiative, Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and MB President of Alkaloid, who serves concurrently as the Consul General of the Kingdom of Denmark and Consul of the Kingdom of Norway, as well as being a member of the Kamen Most - Skopje Rotary Club, took responsibility for the shipment’s delivery, which was additionally supported by a donation of sixty more Macedonian titles:

"I enthusiastically commend Dr. Radmila Dimovska's initiative, which, over the past few months, has seen dedicated efforts from both herself and club members to gather a substantial collection of Macedonian titles for the Macedonian corner at the National Library in Oslo. I'm particularly pleased that we have provided logistical support and made an additional donation of Macedonian translations of works by Danish and Norwegian authors, as well as poetry collections by Ana Buntevska. I hope this endeavor is not a one-time effort. I urge and appeal for its continuation, which we are certainly here to support," said Mukaetov.

The National Library in Oslo is an esteemed cultural institution in Norway, committed to preserving the past for the benefit of the future. It serves a literary hub for authors from nearly every corner of the globe. At the suggestion of Macedonian residents in Norway, Dr. Vaska Vandevska Radunovikj, PhD, and Dr. Snezhana Dimitroska, a Macedonian corner will also be established, which will be essential to nurturing the Macedonian language.