Nov 7, 2011

MK Business Leader

At the ceremony held on November 2, 2011, on the occasion of the “European Entrepreneurship Day” and “2011 European Week of Small and Medium-Size Companies”, organized by the European Business Association and supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and President of the Management Board of “Alkaloid”, was proclaimed the 2011 MK Business Leader.

“This is a reward for all employees at Alkaloid and for all the generations that worked and built this company together. It is of paramount importance that work is done as a team effort and that success is accomplished with joint forces. Maximum focus and love to work are required. People must become fully involved in the manner of operation, not only as individuals, but also as team players, endeavoring to spread the energy to all around them. It is essential to be surrounded by people that do want to work and possess high qualities. This reward is yet another inspiration, as it turns out that – at the end of the day – society appreciates those who achieve results. It is an exceptionally precious acknowledgement, as it comes in the year when Alkaloid celebrates 75 years of existence,” Mukaetov told the attendants of the ceremony.

Mr. Vladimir Pesevski, Vice-Prime Minister for Economic Affairs awarded to Mr. Mukaetov the statuette made by the European Business Association and Mr. Valjon Saracini, Minister of Economy of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia granted the reward itself. Both of them addressed the audience at the event.

“2011 European Week of Small and Medium- Size Companies” is held this year under the slogan “Hit the Target” and the prize “MK Business Leader” is introduced for the first time, aiming to become a tradition and milestone to the future. MK Business Leader award has been established in order to single out people who lead Macedonian economy and enhance its prosperity.

“We wanted to single out managers of companies that should be role models for the manner in which business can and ought to be conducted in the Republic of Macedonia”, said Mr. Dimitar Ristovski, Manager of European Business Association.

“We used the basic criteria: a person should be owner of a company or part thereof, manage an export-oriented company, over recent years the company ought to have significantly developed concerning performance and constant profit and rank in a category of socially responsible companies”, said Ristovski.