Apr 30, 2014

Mukaetov awarded in Paris for synergic actions in Southeast Europe

At the opening ceremony of the fourth edition of South-East European Film Festival, SEE a Paris (SEE in Paris, author’s note) held at the prestigious Theatre le Palace in Paris, the CEO of Alkaloid AD Skopje, Mr. Zhivko Mukaetov received the SEE Personality for 2014 Award for his merits and achievements in the area of economy, corporate responsibility, contributions in culture and sport and different areas of public life that connect the Southeastern European region.

Representatives from UNESCO, senior representatives of embassies from the Southeastern European countries in Paris, as well as public and cultural figures from this metropolis attended the ceremonial opening and awarding of recognitions in Paris, with the event having been announced in the most popular Le Parisien newspaper in France.

The opening ceremony of the SEE a Paris started with homage of the Montenegrin director Zhivko Nikolic (1941 – 2001). The great French poet Mark Delouze received Europa Prima Award and the actor Emir Hadzihafisbegovic, who played with great success in various cult film and theatre performances, received the SEE Actor Award.

The rector of the University of Audiovisual Arts “ESRA”, Mr. Jordan Plevnesh, who is also the founder and President of the South-East European Film Festival Council SEE a Paris, awarded Mr. Mukaetov with the SEE Personality 2014 Prize. Winners of this recognition so far were Mr. Branislav Michunovich, Minister of Culture of Montenegro, and actors Miki Manojlovic and Meto Jovanovski.

The South-East European Film Festival SEE a Paris rebuilt the torn bridges between the Southeast European countries in the past three years that echoed internationally and united the cultures of all people in this part of Europe.