Jun 11, 2024

Mukaetov panelist at the Guardians of Wisdom conference organized by Halkbank

Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and MB President of Alkaloid, took part in the Guardians of Wisdom conference organized for the second time by Halkbank AD Skopje, under the motto "Inspiration for the New Generation."

During the second conference panel themed "Successful Business Story - Dedication, Discipline, Intuition" moderated by Sashko Kocev and featuring co-panelist Petar Ninovski, founder of Brainster, Mukaetov shared his personal and professional challenges from his 25-year career in a candid and engaging discussion based on his experiences.

"For me, as the head of Alkaloid, the greatest challenge presented itself at the start of my management role. At 32, I took charge of a well-established system with a significant history. Many people were skeptical, believing that Alkaloid's 'best times' were behind it. Eighteen years later, I can proudly say that our dedicated efforts have transformed Alkaloid into a global company, active on all continents and in over 50 countries, with continuous growth and over a five-fold increase in sales. Our company has demonstrated that in Macedonia, we are capable of achieving excellence and competitiveness on a global scale." Mukaetov noted.

A significant portion of the panel discussion focused on human resources, specifically the challenges young people face when starting their careers and choosing between the public and private sector. It also addressed the difficulties companies encounter in finding skilled and professional staff.

"In our country, many young people believe that the public sector is the best avenue for their careers. However, I recommend the private sector, where those who take risks and deserve a chance will inevitably find opportunities. All companies need quality, dedicated staff with the right values. At Alkaloid, we strive to attract and keep such individuals through internship programs, dual education, career tracking, and various internal training and activities. It's crucial for our society to foster an environment where young people's first professional choice is the private sector, whether as part of large companies, through their own business ventures, startups, etc.," Mukaetov emphasized.

Petar Ninovski, founder of Brainster, advised young students and entrepreneurs not to "hold back" during the first 15 years of their careers. Instead, he encouraged them to work hard, take risks, and make mistakes if necessary, but to also learn to forgive themselves for these mistakes. Ninovski, leading a company that provides practical solutions for contemporary challenges through real projects, introduced the topic of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry. On this subject, Mukaetov noted:

"In the pharmaceutical industry, trends change rapidly, and to stay competitive, we must keep up with them. As a company, we already utilize data and simulations from various AI databases, which provide us with additional insights when making decisions about entering new markets, developing new products, and more."

The Guardians of Wisdom conference, organized by Halkbank AD Skopje, aims to connect students and young entrepreneurs with top mentors and practitioners from various professional fields. The conference offers the opportunity to hear success stories first-hand and learn valuable lessons from individuals who have achieved career success through hard work and dedication, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.